ScrubAround makes your music scrubbers round in the Lockscreen and Control Center

If you’ve ever looked closely at the progress bar on the Lock screen or Control Center when a music is playing, you’ll notice that the scrubber is a thin vertical line that makes it difficult to grab and scroll it, especially if you have a thick finger (no pun intended). To get rid of this annoyance, ScrubAround is a jailbreak tweak that aims to change the scrubber to make it more easier to scrub songs.

ScrubAround replaces the thin vertical scrubber with a round and solid circle allowing you to easily grab it and scrub through a song rather than having difficulties pressing and holding the original thin scrubber. This change is made to the scrubbers found in the Lockscreen as well as the Control Center when a music is playing.

It works as smooth as the default scrubber that comes with iOS 7 and supports hi-speed and half-speed scrubbing when you hold it and drag downwards.

Upon installing the tweak and respring your device, you should see the round scrubber on the progress bar. If you see the screenshots above, the round grabber looks quite similar to the grabber on the volume slider. The tweak requires no configurations to make as its just an install-and-go affair.

If you’re interested to take ScrubAround for a ride, you can download it for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

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