Speed up the volume control animation with HUDSpeed

Is it just me or does it simply seem like the volume HUD is a very annoying feature that all the iOS devices currently have? Well, after some research, I came across this great Cydia tweak known by the name of HUDSpeed and I can honestly say that it is one of the most useful out there, especially for people who simply can’t stand the fact that the animation associated with adjusting the volume moves too slowly.

With this in mind, HUDSpeed has one main feature. The fact that it offers users the possibility to adjust the time it takes for the HUD to time out which is simply a great feature that helps it disappear faster. There are also other Cydia apps associated with the status bar that can move the volume HUD over there, but in the case that you do like it in the middle of the screen and simply feel like it stands there for too long, then this Cydia tweak is perfect for you.

When it comes down to the installation and the ease of use, it is safe to say that it represents an easy to use app that can be controlled by just about anyone. After downloading it from Cydia, users can go ahead and adjust the speed and then simply watch it do its magic.

Have you ever tried HUDSpeed before? If yes, let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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