TubeDo is a download manager tweak for YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing site containing almost any video you’re looking for. There’s also an official app of YouTube on the app store designed for iOS devices with additional features. However, one of the major features that it lacks is that you can’t download videos directly from the app. This is where TubeDo tweak comes in to save the day.

TubeDo is a download manager as well as a video player app for YouTube that allows you to search and watch YouTube videos and download any of your favorite videos right to your iOS device to watch it later. The only drawback of the tweak is that you won’t be able to login to your account or view and leave comments. But, that’s not a big fuss.

Once you install TubeDo, a standalone app will be added to the Home screen. Upon launching the tweak, you’ll view three tabs at the bottom of the tweak. The first tab displays a list of the popular videos on YouTube and allows you to search a video you want to watch or download. To download a video, simply press the downwards arrow button to start saving it on your device.

The second tab is where you can can view the progress of your videos that are downloading as well play/pause them. The last tab is dedicated to all the videos downloaded and saved for watching offline. Tapping on any allows you to view it.

If you’ve been looking for a way to download YouTube videos on your iOS device to watch them later in offline mode, TubeDo is definitely made for you.

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