Apple stops signing iOS 8.1

By | December 2, 2014

iOS 8.1 has finally come to an end as Apple has stopped signing the firmware. This means that if you’re running a version above iOS 8.1, you no longer have the chance to downgrade back to the older firmware.

Till a few weeks ago, iOS 8.1 was the only jailbreakable version as the Pangu jailbreak supported devices running iOS 8.0 – iOS 8.1. However, just a few days ago, TaiG released a new jailbreak tool that provides untether jailbreak for iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1 and iOS 8.1.1.

If you visit¬†website, you’ll notice that a red warning sign appears next to iOS 8.1.1 IPSW files indicating that the firmware is no longer being signed by Apple. This usually happens when the company releases a newer firmware such as the current iOS 8.1.1 and therefore, it stops signing the older firmwares.


As mentioned earlier, if you’re worried about losing your jailbreak, you don’t need to as iOS 8.1.1 can be easily jailbroken within minutes using the new TaiG iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak.

Keep in mind that iOS 8.2 beta is unjailbreakable at the moment as the TaiG team has locked support for the firmware. However, they have acknowledged that they will unlock the jailbreak for iOS 8.2 once the firmware has been released to the public.

If you’re already on iOS 8.1 and jailbroken, then it’s your decision whether you want to update to iOS 8.1.1 and jailbreak it again with TaiG. However, if you’re on an unjailbreakable version, we recommend that you go on and update your device to iOS 8.1.1 to jailbreak it with TaiG. The tool supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

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