Apple unveils iOS 8: Will the iOS 8 jailbreak be far behind?

The time has come already. Apple has announced iOS 8 and the plans they have for their next version of the iOS software. Watching the keynote there are some minor changes, but nothing earth shattering. If you are interested have a look at

ios8 jailbreak

Now the questions have started. What does this mean for the iOS 8 jailbreak? It will be interesting to see how many developers jump on board to update their cydia apps and tweaks will be ready for the iOS 8 jailbreak. After watching the iOS 8 unveil we have already seen some not so happy people. We are keeping a close eye on’s jailbreak subreddit so we can keep you updated with the iOS 8 jailbreak progress.

And that brings us to right now. With the iOS 7 jailbreak being not very old we will be interested to see hoe fast this iOS 8 jailbreak comes out. It is upsetting learning that some developers aren’t all on board for this iOS 8 release just yet.

So we ask you the question:

What is one app that will need to be updated for the iOS 8 jailbreak before you make the switch?

Be sure to keep an eye on our iOS 8 Jailbreak page for updated info!

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