Control Touch ID error messages with Custom Touch ID Fail

I personally really enjoy freedom, especially when it comes down to being le to customize certain settings of my iOS devices. Today, we’ll cover a smart Cydia app known by the name of Custom Touch ID Fail which serves a single, but great purpose.

With this in mind, any user of this cydia app can change the string of text that is displayed whenever someone attempts to unlock your iPhone 5S via the Touch ID function, but fails to do so because you’ve assigned your own print to it. While it is not something extremely important to do, it can be considered a fun Cydia feature to mess around with and joke around whenever someone else attempts to unlock your phone. For instance you can set your message to ‘Who are you?’, ‘Get your hands off my phone’ or anything else that may suit your personality and add a better feeling to your iPhone.

When it comes down to the installation and ease of use, Custom Touch ID Fail can be used on any jailbroken iPhone 5S running iOS 7, but chances are that it will also be available on iOS 8 on the iPhone 6 as well. Once the Cydia app is installed, users have the choice of entering the app’s settings and modifying the string of error text that can be displayed.

All in all, Custom Touch ID Fail represents a fun to use Cydia tweak that just about anyone who likes Touch ID and uses it on a constant basis can download and use for fun. Who knows, it may actually even help you get your iPhone back if a rescue message is displayed there and a complete stranger attempts to unlock your phone.

Have you ever tried it out? What other touch ID Cydia tweaks would you recommend?

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