Kill Your Apps with Slide2Kill8 Pro

Another useful jailbreak tweak has come along in the form of Slide2Kill8 Pro, enabling users to kill apps in various ways. The switcher actions will let you kill the apps using the switcher cards, and the icon actions are used for killing apps with the app icons.

A well-loved feature is that you can customise the actions, so you can kill all the apps, single apps, show a menu or simply do nothing. You can invoke both Control Centre and Notification Centre by using the quick menu, which enables you to shut down all the apps. When it comes to force-closing apps, you might need a way to enhance the way you can manage your apps, and Slide2Kill8 Pro is a great way of doing that.

When it comes down to the ease of use of this Cydia tweak, it isn’t exactly the easiest one on the market, as it features many choices and a couple of advanced setting that users have to play with in order to get access to the experience that they’re looking for. You can configure the settings exactly how you like on the preference panel in the settings. In the preferences, you’ll find a kill-switch and different switcher actions and icon actions. None of the changes which you’ll make need a respring in order to work. The “ghost button” found in the bottom corner of the app switcher allows you to configure this tweak further. If you want to stop certain apps from being killed, use the excluded apps list.

In general, this is quite a popular way of killing apps if you have an iPhone. With so many options, it makes it well worth the price of $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo, however the iOS 8 jailbreak tweak is mostly useful for those who are looking for some extra customization, as there are definitely a couple of easier ways to get the job done rather than spend some money on a Cydia tweak.

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With everything that has been mentioned in mind, what do you think of Slide2kill8 Pro? Have you ever tried it? If yes, would you recommend it to a friend?

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