HandsFree allows you to answer calls with hand gestures

Yet another great Cydia app that is truly innovative is known by the name of HandsFree. While the name is capable of indicating what the application is supposed to do, its functions may actually be better than what you may be thinking about right now.

HandsFree represents a cydia app that is quite new and allows people who are driving and can’t really use the touch display on their iPhone, or those who just prefer using hand gestures to control certain aspects of their everyday lives. It works whenever a person is called normally, or via FaceTime which makes it great regardless of your favourite way of communicating.

The main feature of this cydia app is the fact that it allows users to answer or reject phone calls, simply by waving their hand over the iPhone. You may be asking yourself how this is possible, as the iPhone isn’t actually a Samsung Galaxy phone. While it may not be using smart sensors like the Samsung phones, it works by smartly integrating the front facing camera along with the light sensor in order to detect and objects which move close by. Another magical trick of this cydia app is that calls which have been answered go straight to speaker mode, thus allowing you to continue doing whatever you are engaged in without needing to lose your concentration and actually touch the display of your phone. This functionality makes it suitable for a very high number of people. I personally find myself using it even when I’m not behind the wheel, which actually proves how great it can be from time to time.

When it comes down to the customization options that this cydia app has, you’ll find that it offers a setting panel where different configurations can be made. An example may be setting up how many times you’d need to wave your hand over your phone to answer or reject a call along with how fast the movement should be done. Apart from this, there are also other customization features that seamlessly integrate into your life.

All in all, HandsFree is a great Cydia app that can be used by just about anyone. With its smart features, ease of installation, and high number of customizations options, it can be considered well worth its price of $0.99.

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