New Video of Siri RSS Reader Shows Promising Sireader

Siri is designed to be great with a lot of things. It can help you with your searches, tasks, appointments and even messages. However, there are some basic functions that iOS users still crave; the ability to read RSS feeds is one of them. The quest for an RSS reader that is compatible with Siri has been a long one, but it may soon come to a happy conclusion.

Recently, a redditor posted a bounty of $1,000 for anyone who can produce a working Siri RSS reader. The redditor is impaired visually and would really love to have a working RSS reader in the form of a tweak. The bounty has sparked a lot of interest among developers. The most promising one, however, is Philip Tennen and his Sireader, which is basically an app that is aimed at making sure to read things from the screen and help those who are visually impaired while using the device.

After taking a look, we can see Sireader performing a feature that many have wanted: reading favourite RSS feeds from user-defined sources.

Once the development is completed, Sireader will be made available through Cydia. The Cydia tweak going to be very popular, judging by the responses seen on Reddit so far. It actually reads RSS feeds using Siri’s built-in vocalizer, which is very cool on its own and definitely something worth looking out for. Additionally, when it comes down to the ease of use of Sireader, the creator is probably going to be appreciated for the fact that just about anyone can easily figure out how to operate the Cydia app to ensure that it provides users with the smooth experience that they may be looking for.

No news as to when Sireader will be released, but I would be among the first in line to try the Cydia app once it is available. If it works properly, this will be a cool tweak indeed. However, based on everything outlined above, what do you personally think about the Cydia tweak? One thing I cannot stop wondering about is why Apple does not embed something like this into the system to make RSS reading and browsing the device while being visually impaired a better experience for people from all around the world, because, after all, this does not represent an exploit or anything similar to that if we think about it.

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