xSellize, The Best Gaming Cydia Repo Source

Once you jailbreak your device, you would want to try different Cydia repo or sources that can help you explore the possibilities of your iPhone through Cydia : xSellize is the best when it comes to games repo. While there are endless repos, we all know that all of them are not very reliable. You may end up with repos that are unreliable and ones that may not give you enough apps or tweaks. Looking for reputed repos when you are beginning to use your jailbroken device is a good thing to do. Read More...

11 Top Cydia Sources, the Ultimate Selection (with Download Links)

Apple’s proprietary operating system, iOS is a superb platform to use, but for those who like to extend the abilities of their iOS device so that they can enjoy beyond the usual iOS platform can jailbreak their device to explore further options. Cydia is one of those third party platforms that has gained popularity among jailbroken iOS devices. While some people look forward to jail breaking their device to explore new abilities, very often after the jailbreak is complete, they are not sure of the possibilities of their device. A good place to begin is adding sources to the Cydia store. Read More...

How to Get Free In-App Purchases for iOS 9 and above

The app store contains thousands, maybe even more applications as well as games which are available for the different iOS devices. Apps are usually built with a number of in-app purchases in them which allow you more access or help you rise higher in a game. The truth of the matter is that most of these in-app purchases require you to make a purchase and spend money on the app or the game. While there is no decrease in Apple’s steady income through in-app purchases, I know we still have a few users who would like to get free in-app purchases. Read More...

Airplane Enhancer+, The Ultimate Battery Saver Cydia Tweak

Airplane Mode represents a popular feature that has been embedded into both Android and iOS devices for a while now. For those that do not know, the feature makes phones and tablets airplane-friendly, by shutting down all of the device’s wireless radios that may turn out to be interfering with on-board equipment, while also increasing your battery life. Airplane Enhancer+ is a cydia tweak that will save a lot of battery life on your iPhone or iPad.

Well, as having Airplane Mode turned on throughout the day can bring a significant save in terms of battery life, a new jailbreak tweak known by the name of Airplane Enhancer+ aims to make the feature easier to use, while helping users specifically choose when they want to keep the feature on and not. Read More...

Italian hacker teases iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak. Will it materialize for the public?

At this moment in time, there is a decrease in the popularity of jailbreaking, considering the fact that no new jailbreak has been released for iOS 9.2 until now, regardless of the fact that the operating system has been out for a couple of months. On Monday, Apple released the newest version of their operating system, the iOS 9.3.3.

However, it seems like an Italian hacker known by the name of Luca Todesco has actually managed to break into an iPod Touch running iOS 9.3.3 and install Cydia. This tease has encouraged jailbreak teams to take things even more seriously, as there’s definitely a bug that can be exploited in order to get access to the devices. Read More...

Message Groups helps users better organize their Messages App

In case you’re the type of person who likes to keep things organized at all times, then chances are that you may instantly fall in love with this new jailbreak tweak, Message Groups, that aims to grant users more organization in the Messages App.

With this in mind, Message Groups allows people to add and manage their own groups over in the app. In return, this makes it quite easy to filter out certain contacts or conversation, thus making it easier and quicker to send and receive messages.

Message Groups an ideal tweak for organizing your messages


Message Groups a nice tweak to organize your messages


Together with this, when it comes down to creating groups, people also have the possibility to give the groups a name of their choice, enable or disable the group, show or hide certain conversations, choose the contact that you’d like to appear in the group, but also the individual conversations that you want displayed. Read More...

iAP Patcher, great cydia app to get free in-app purchases on iOS 9

At this moment in time, there are tens of thousands of App Store applications that offer users the possibility to make in-app purchases to try out new content, get better service, or get rid of the ads. Well, due to the way the apps are built, it can often be hard to get your hands on free in-app purchases, but a Cydia app known by the name of iAP Patcher aims to change this.

Based on this, if you wish to try a certain in-app purchases prior to paying for it, then this app is a great choice. Read More...

ASBlur is a jailbreak app that makes App Switcher better in terms of privacy

Due to the way iOS 9 is built, there are certain privacy concerns that people may have when it comes down to using their devices. Some include messages appearing on the lockscreen, complete information on the people who called, or the multitasking feature, which takes a screenshot of the last activity you had on the app and puts it up for display when switching to a different app.

If you often find yourself opening sensitive applications, or switching from one app to another while in the presence of someone you don’t trust, then a new Cydia app known by the name of ASBlur may be the right answer. Read More...

The Ultimate iDevice Jailbreak Guide

Since Apple’s Operating System (iOS) first came out, customers have started jailbreaking their devices due to the limitations imposed by the OS. With time, Apple decided to introduce many other features, already available on Android devices, which made jailbreaking a bit less popular. However, in case you would like themes, free apps, the possibility to use new features, or simply put, complete freedom to customize your device as you’d like, then jailbreaking may be the right option.

In this guide, we will answer a couple of questions relating to the jailbreak process, and explain what the current methods are, and how jailbreaking is achieved. Read More...

Import any media file to its stock app with Audicy

Perhaps one of the most annoying limitations of Apple’s iOS is the inability to import media files from various sources, to the stock media app. Well, a jailbreak app known by the name of Audicy aims to change this.

Introducing Audicy

To put things better into perspective, the app lets users who have a jailbroken device, running anything from iOS 7.0 to iOS 9.1, to import media files from any source, directly into the stock media app. Examples of media that can be imported includes music, videos, podcasts and more.Audicy-Featured-Image

Using the app is quite simple as well.

How to download and use AppAddict, best alternative to Install0us

At this moment in time, there are several alternatives to Install0us, the popular app installer that most jailbreaks have used at least once. Perhaps one of the most popular available on the market at this moment in time, is a new jailbreak app known by the name of AppAddict.

In this article, we will be talking more about the app itself, while also telling you how to download it and use it in order to get whatever apps you want on your iOS device for free. Do keep in mind the fact that to be able to install AppAddict and get the necessary applications, you need to have a jailbroken iOS device. Read More...

iSkin allows you to install themes on your iPhone without a jailbreak

At this moment in time, one of the biggest issues present on the iOS jailbreak scene refers to the fact that it sometimes takes a bit too long for new jailbreaks to be released, as the dev teams are experiencing trouble when it comes down to keeping up with Apple’s constant iOS updates and security additions meant to make rooting more difficult.

However, in case you’re considering the idea of staying away from a jailbreak, or you have already updated your iOS to the newest one and do not have a jailbreak available yet, then a service known by the name of iSkin may bring in the right solution if you’re looking for themes. Read More...

PersonalAssistant aims to change the way your lockscreen works

At this moment in time, there are numerous jailbreak apps that have the potential of shaking up the entire jailbreak community. However, not many of them live up to their true potential. Unlike those apps, a new Cydia app known by the name of PersonalAssistant will likely stir up the waters and encourage users from all around the world to give it a try.

Before anything else, it’s worth pointing out that the tweak has a total of seven tweaks put just into one, in order to grant users the best experience possible.PersonalAssistant-information-on-Lock-Screen

To put things better into perspective, the PersonalAssistant tweak represents a new way of observing and digesting information on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Read More...

Get Siri Suggestions in Spotlight

Siri Suggestions is an interesting feature introduced in iOS 9. It adds suggestions to the Spotlight interface that appears when you swipe left on the Home screen. Siri Suggestions is a feature that brings suggested contacts, apps and shortcuts along with news and topics as well as places that you might be interested in nearby.

Although this feature is a handy one to have, Siri Suggestions only appear when you swipe left on the Home screen. It doesn’t appear in other Spotlight interfaces, including the classic Spotlight search that you can pull down from the top of the screen. Read More...

Hacker Teases iOS 9.2 Jailbreak (Again)

The last time a public jailbreak tool was released, it was for iOS 9.0-9.0.2. Since the Pangu 9 Jailbreak for iOS 9 was introduced, we haven’t seen a new tool being made available. The demand for iOS 9.2 and 9.3 jailbreak is as high as ever, and we might not be too far from seeing a public release after all.

Qwertyoruiop recently demonstrated a jailbreak that works well with iOS 9.2. On top of that, the same tool is also seen working on iOS 9.2.1 and 9.3 beta. This is good news for a lot of people who have been waiting for a new jailbreak release for so long. Read More...

Classic iOS Shutter Annimation with ClassicShutterAnnimation

When Apple updated its Camera app following the release of iOS 7, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of shutter animation. Yes, the camera does feel faster and snappier, but sometimes that shutter animation makes the whole experience, well, better. I guess I’m not the only one who feels this way, because now there’s a jailbreak tweak to bring that classic animation back.

ClassicShutterAnimation to the Rescue

If you’re feeling a little bit nostalgic, this jailbreak tweak is definitely for you. Available from Cydia’s BigBoss repository, ClassicShutterAnimation does what it promises to do: bring back the shutter animation and that pre-iOS 7 camera experience. Read More...

Gravity: Adds Gravity to Your Home Screen

Not all jailbreak tweaks are created to add functions or bring new features to the iOS experience. Some of them are more for novelty purposes; they add a nice touch to make iOS even more fun to use. This next jailbreak tweak is no different. Gravity, a tweak available via Cydia’s BigBoss repo, will add gravity to your Home screen.

Get wonderful Gravity effects on your main screen

Yes, you are imagining it correctly. Gravity, similar to Graviboard before it, adds a nice gravity effect to your Home screen. Once activated using an Activator gesture or by shaking your iPhone, app icons will start tumbling down as if they are pulled by gravity. Read More...

Low Power Mode with This Jailbreak Tweak

I’m pretty sure everyone loves Apple’s Low Power Mode, especially those who are constantly battling the battery life of their iPhones. When you want to conserve battery to survive that extra few hours before you can plug your device in, iOS 9’s Low Power Mode works brilliantly. There is one problem though: iOS switches off the Low Power Mode when the battery is charged up enough.

Yes, you can re-enable this power conserving mode manually by going into the Settings. However, there is a better way to do that now with a handy jailbreak tweak. Read More...

TextSearchPro: Search the Web from Anywhere

I know I’ve had a few times when I wish I could search for something or define a word quickly; I’m sure you did too. Now, this task is made even simpler to complete thanks to TextSearchPro, a jailbreak tweak designed to do just that swiftly.

TextSearchPro, as the name suggests, is a tweak that allows users to search the web from anywhere on the iOS interface. Users can also define a word quickly using the same tweak; this is a handy feature to have if you find a foreign word whilst reading and you need to find a definition for it quickly. Read More...

Snapper 2, The Ultimate App for Better Screenshots

Taking a screenshot of your iOS device is fairly easy. You press and hold the Power/Sleep and Home button, release them and a screenshot is saved automatically. That doesn’t stop jailbreak developers from inventing new, better ways of taking screenshots. I personally love the original Snapper for iOS. Now, there’s a new version out, Snapper 2.

Snapper 2: Better Screenshots

Snapper 2 is an upgrade of the original Snapper. It is still available as a premium tweak on Cydia. If you have the original version of Snapper, you can upgrade to Snapper 2 for just $1.49. Read More...