Jailbreak and install Cydia

Cydia Download for iOS 7 Jailbreak

What is Cydia?

Do you like customization? Do you like to have full use of your device? Enjoy making ringtones by yourself? Apple likes to have control of their devices, with a Cydia download that all goes away. Cydia is a management suite used that can be used when you jailbreak your iOS device. Cydia is basically like the app store for jailbroken devices. It allows full customization of your phone, and the ability to download iOS 7 Cydia Apps that would not have made it past the strict apple guidelines.

Install Cydia iOS 7

Installing Cydia is a breeze. But first you must jailbreak your  iOS 7 enabled apple mobile device. The reasoning behind jailbreaking a device is so it will allow you to start a cydia download and begin installing 3rd party apps to your device. Cydia is a management suite. After jailbreaking your iOS device, Cydia allows you to download 3rd party apps or cydia apps for iOS 7 through their store. Their are multiple ways to jailbreak an iOS device. There are both free and paid services that will allow you to jailbreak your iDevice. The free services that currently support iOS 7 jailbreak is http://evasi0n.com/. This is the first site to bring end users an iOS 7 jailbreak. Evasi0n has a guide to show even the newest user how to jailbreak for iOS 7 with ease. After the user is done with the jailbreak process, they will be prompted to install Cydia. Cydia is the main appstore users access to download Cydia apps and tweaks for their iOS 7 jailbroken devices. After the cydia install, users can download cydia apps for iOS 7 jailbreak.

After the Cydia Download

After you install Cydia you will be prompted with a series of options. The biggest question that Cydia asks is if you are a: User, Hacker, or Developer. If you are not familiar with jailbreaking or Cydia, we recommend selecting the user option. The user option is the most basic option and will ensure you don’t screw up anything on your device.

After you install and set up Cydia you are off and running! Your iOS device will still function as a normal device but now you have the option of installing Cydia Apps for iOS 7. Go open the app and check out a few of the amazing Cydia Apps you can download!

Here at Allcydia.com we have been jailbreaking our iOS devices since the beginning. The customization and freedom you get from installing Cydia is amazing. We created this site to help you jailbreak and install Cydia to your iOS devices with ease. So be sure to check out the best Cydia apps, cydia tweaks and become a Cydia Pro!

Download Cydia for iOS

Apple unveils iOS 8: Will the iOS 8 jailbreak be far behind?

The time has come already. Apple has announced iOS 8 and the plans they have for their next version of the iOS software. Watching the keynote there are some minor changes, but nothing earth shattering. If you are interested have a look at https://www.apple.com/ios/ios8/.

ios8 jailbreak

Now the questions have started. What does this mean for the iOS 8 jailbreak? It will be interesting to see how many developers jump on board to update their cydia apps and tweaks will be ready for the iOS 8 jailbreak. After watching the iOS 8 unveil we have already seen some not so happy people. We are keeping a close eye on reddit.com’s jailbreak subreddit so we can keep you updated with the iOS 8 jailbreak progress.

And that brings us to right now. With the iOS 7 jailbreak being not very old we will be interested to see hoe fast this iOS 8 jailbreak comes out. It is upsetting learning that some developers aren’t all on board for this iOS 8 release just yet.

So we ask you the question:

What is one app that will need to be updated for the iOS 8 jailbreak before you make the switch?

Be sure to keep an eye on our iOS 8 Jailbreak page for updated info!

Leave us a comment here or on our facebook!

Cydia Apps you Need, Staying Productive

Top 10 Cydia Apps for Productivity


Business people are always looking for more ways to increase productivity, and smart phones have become a boon for hardworking employees. After jailbreaking your phone to unlock restrictions, savvy iPhone and iPad users can download Cydia and then apps to customize their devices in a huge variety of new ways. Here are the top 10 apps to save time and increase productivity.

iFile – locating a file on an iPad can be a nightmare. The iFile app organizes your file structure and gives you full data editing options. The top-level search feature means no more shuffling through folders. Type in the first few letters of the file name and find it in seconds. It’s a familiar, necessary convenience conspicuously absent from iPhones and iPads. Get iFile!

Data Deposit – This app backs up your app data to your dropbox account. In addition to saving your data in case your phone is lost, you’ll be able to access everything from any device and from any location. Lost data is not only a time waster, it’s expensive. If your data is ever accidentally wiped, you’ll be able to restore it with a tap on the screen. You can also access your data across other platforms, which is useful for picking up game play from where you left off, even on a different device. Get Data Deposit!

F.lux – one of the issues users often complain about is eye fatigue from staring at an overly bright screen. After a while, it’s like looking at airport runway lights. Your eyes feel dry and overworked, and eyestrain makes you feel tired even when you’re not. F.lux is a simple app that dims the screen and changes the color based on time of day. Dimmer, more soothing colors will ease eye fatigue and allow you to continue working (or playing) longer and more comfortably. You can control the app to choose brightness and color or allow it to adjust automatically. Get F.lux!

iBlacklist – Nothing is more annoying when you’re trying to work than constant interruptions from unwanted callers. iBlacklist allows you to block calls and messages from specific or unknown callers and hide messages. There are also parental control options to block outgoing calls and more. Get rid of telemarketers, cyber-stalkers, and time-wasters temporarily or for good with this useful app. Get iBlacklist!

IntelliScreenX – This handy app puts your most-used apps right on the lock screen for easy access. A swiping motion gets you instant access to email, social networking sites, stock market reports, your calendar, news feeds…whatever is most important to you. Save the time and aggravation of flipping through endless apps to find what you want, and send emails, tweet, post a status, or send a text message directly from your lock screen. Basically, it puts the first things you want to do first. Get IntelliscreenX!

Action Menu – greatly enhances basic iPhone features by adding quite a lot of extra functionality. When you download this app, you’ll be able to:
● Select all
● Scroll to the top or bottom of the page
● Access clipboard history
● Save favorite text bits (like URLs or an email signature)
● Search for the meaning or translation of a word using various search engines
● Select text and tweet it out with one touch

Action Menu adds some of the best features of a PC web browser to your phone, making managing your mobile communications a little easier. Get ActionMenu!

AttachmentSaver – email attachments can be a real pain when you’re working on a n iPhone or an iPad because they only recognize a few file types. AttachmentSaver allows you to download and save the files to a specified folder where you can access them from an appropriate device later. You’ll save search time through a full inbox and you won’t accidentally delete an important email attachment from an old email.

Locktopus – an essential app for business use, Locktopus allows you to add passwords to any app or folder. It’s an added layer of security that keeps your private data private. Use it to secure access to the corporate database, your contacts, your work files, and more. You can also use it to limit access to certain programs to keep children safe. Strong passwords are absolutely essential for business people on the go, since so many devices are lost or stolen. Get Locktopus!

Infinifolders – the default number of apps you can store in a folder is a paltry 12. If you’re an app junkie, or just a person who depends on your iPhone for everything, that’s an unacceptable number. Infinifolders lets you feed your habit by storing lots more apps and organizing them by type into folders.

3G Unrestrictor – iPhones have a restriction that prevents download of large files over a 3G connection. 3G Unrestrictor is a handy little app that fools the phone into thinking it’s connected to Wi-Fi when it’s not. It works great with Skype and other apps, and removes the file transfer download restriction for big files. It’s great for retrieving photo, video, and music files, or for business files such as contracts.

To download an apps on a jailbreak iPhone, open your Cydia app to search for it by name. Cydia has a good indexing service, so apps should be easy to find and simple to download and install. Some of the apps are free, and some are low-cost. They’re all worth checking out!

Ten Cydia Apps for Photo Editing

cydia apps

10 Photo Editing Cydia Apps That You’re Sleeping On!

Apple iPhones and iPads are incredibly useful and they have an amazing array of built-in tools and functions. But missing features can make some of us a little crazy. If you’re a person who wants more from your phone, you’ve probably already implemented a jailbreak and installed Cydia to download extra features and functions. Here are the most interesting unauthorized photo and camera options available to enhance and organize your photos and videos, and to use your camera in a whole new way.

PhotoEdit:  is a photo editing app that works within the iPhone native photo app environment. When you snap a photo, instead of searching through your apps and opening the app and then the photo inside the app, you can rotate photos, and apply filters immediately.

CameraTweak: also works directly with the iPhone native photo app. When you install CameraTweak, a new button appears to the left of the shutter button. It looks much like the volume control, but it adds a ton of professional functionality. Tapping the button opens a control panel with a timer, time lapse photography mode, composition overlays, resolution, and more. For user serious about photography, CameraTweak is a must.

iCaught U: is a security app for iOS devices. Simply put, when someone enters the wrong password, the camera takes a photo and the thief (or snoop) is busted. The app not only takes a photo, it emails the photo to the phone owner, with the current location of the phone. Think about it – if somebody steals your phone, you get their picture and location. Or if your date tries to read your texts while you’re in the bathroom.

Open In App For Photos: sends your photos and videos from the camera app to any program on your phone that supports images or video files. You’ll get a dropdown list with options like Dropbox, iFile, iPhoto, and other apps. It’s a great time saver for using those awesome editing apps to add filters and special effects that don’t integrate with your iPhone camera or to save directly to your files.

Live Effects Enabler - If you recently upgraded your iPhone 4 camera app to Camera iOS 7, you may have noticed something annoying – you’ve lost your Instagram effects. Live Effects Enabler gives you this feature back, allowing you to add effects as you take the photo, instead of in post-production.

Panomode: is an app to let you catch an entire atmosphere in one single picture. Imagine being at a sold out football game and you want to capture a picture of the whole stadium. Panomode is the app to make that happen. Panomode uses a gyroscope so your phone takes the seamless pictures by itself, all you have to do is slowly move your smart phone around and you will hear the snapping sound as it captures the entire scene. Its great way to photograph scenery, sporting events, or capture the crowd at a concert.

Slo-mo Mod: is a cool feature that mimics a video function only available in the iPhone 5s, which shoots video at a higher rate of speed, 120 frames per second (fps), as opposed to the usual 30fps. This allows you to slow the completed video down to one-quarter normal speed. Slo-mo Mod adds similar functionality to older and less expensive phones. The app works on iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPad Air or Retina iPad Mini. It’s a great way to slow things down for comedic effect. What’s funnier than a slow-mo trip and fall? When your friends do something horribly embarrassing, you’ll be able to capture it, slow it down, and upload a hysterical video to YouTube before they can pick themselves up off the floor.

ClearCam - the 4 megapixel resolution standard iPhone camera photos aren’t going to win any awards for clarity. ClearCam lets you take better photos in an unexpected way, by snapping 6 photos in quick succession – 2.5 seconds – then fusing them together for a sharper image with less noise. Another option available in the app takes 4 photos in about 2 seconds and saves only the sharpest photo. You’re still not going to get print-quality images, but at least you’ll do better than fuzzy, unrecognizable selfie blobs.

PhotoAlbums+ - If you take a ton of photos with your iPhone or iPod and have no way to organize them, PhotoAlbums+ has the answer. The standard Apple Photos app has pretty limited options for adding and deleting albums and moving photos between them. PhotoAlbums+ integrates with your Photos app to let you easily create albums and move your pictures around, not just eat your memory by copying them. You’ll also be able to password protect individual folders to ensure your personal or embarrassing photos remain private. If you don’t want your little sister to see photos you send to your boyfriend, this is a great way to lock her out. You can loan her your phone and give her the lock screen password without having to worry about your private moments being exposed.

CamTime is a Cydia tweak for your iPhone camera that lets you set a timer for the shutter, so you can take better selfies and group pictures. What’s most interesting about CamTime is that it works with all your apps, anywhere you use your camera. Use it with Instagram, Facebook, Flickr…if you have photos, you have extra functionality. It’s a great way to get selfies without armpit. What’s more, you can use CamTime with video, to start and stop filming on a timer. Your Vine uploads are about to become a lot more interesting.

Jailbreaking your phone and installing Cydia can give you options you may never have dreamed of. By adding photo and video apps, you’ll be able to express your creativity in a whole new way, from the way you store and share your photos to taking better pictures to catching your snoopy girlfriend trying to break into your text messages

Having trouble with the iOS 7 jailbreak?

After sorting through a massive amount of facebook posts as well as emails and comments, we have noticed a problem. Some people do not understand that in order to download cydia, and enjoy the cydia apps we post about, you must have the iOS 7 jailbreak done to your device.

The iOS 7 jailbreak is a simple straight forward method that was first released by Evasi0n. We sometimes forget not everyone is a tech guru or as well versed as ourselves in jailbreaking. So take a look on our iOS 7 jailbreak guide, or check this video out that should help you a decent amount!

VideoPane updated for iOS 7 Jailbreak

One of our favorite cydia apps has been updated for the iOS 7 jailbreak. VideoPane is an amazing work of art when it comes to using the iOS 7 jailbreak to its full potential.

videopane for ios 7


If you have ever wanted to watch a video in another app or screen, this is for you. It is basically a PiP cydia app that works with the current iOS 7 jailbreak. There are endless uses for this app. One way we typically use it here at AllCydia is when browsing a safari tab you can watch a video right on the same screen rather than booting another app.

The price tag on this is $1.99, but it is well worth the money if you get frustrated having to go fullscreen to watch a video.

After you download cydia for iOS 7, you can boot up the cydia app and do a quick search for VideoPane. So download this cydia app and enjoy the freedom of PiP!

Cydia Apps Cheat Sheet for iOS 7

A big thanks to Reddit! This Cydia App cheat sheet is an awesome list that will help any of you that want to know what an app does and how well it works! We will continue to update this list with more cydia apps and cydia tweaks as they become available!

Check it out:

Cydia Apps for iOS 7

Bigify+ 3.0 Released – Ready for iOS 7

Breathing a sigh of relief, one of the staple cydia apps in the iOS 7 jailbreak has been released. Bigify+ 3.0 is released and ready for the general public. Keep in mind Bigify+ is the paid version of the app but for the $2 price tag it is worth every penny.

For you new cydia users: Bigify changes the looks of your icons. It allows you to alter the size, rotate, hide labels, flip badges and change the transparency of your iOS app icons or cydia app icons. For the iOS 7 ready version, they added a preview window, a colorizer and some additional textures. I have been messing with this cydia app for iOS 7 and it is worth every penny. Check out these screen shots:

bigify+ cydia app


Bigify+ White Version:

Bigify+ cydia tweak


Bigify+ Aged:

Bigify+ Cydia


Bigify+ has answered a small portion of the freedom the iOS 7 jailbreak has to offer. You can get this and more cydia apps at the BigBoss Repo

Remove Date on Lockscreen using Flex 2

Here is a quick tip for all you Cydia users out there that have the Flex 2 cydia app installed.

flex 2 lock screen

If you are like me, you like your device to look minimal and clean. When looking at the lock screen the only thing I want to see is a clock. There lies the question, “How do you do that?” With the cydia app Flex 2 its a few simple changes away. Take a look.

First using the Flex 2 cydia app, navigate to Springboard and process the spring board library.

Then search for ‘_shouldShowdate’ it should be a (BOOL) object. See Below.

flex 2 tip


After that, simply go to the patch you just created and enter FALSE as the return value. See Below.

flex 2 tweak


And you have completed it! Go ahead and turn it on and respring and you are well on your way to having that minimal lockscreen you have been looking for.

Source: Reddit Jailbreak

Change labels in settings using iFile

When you jailbreak your device you are expected to have full control. With the use of the cydia app iFile you can change labels in settings to say whatever you want. Take a look at the screenshot below and you will understand what we mean.

Using iFile to change labels


Now how do you do this? Thanks to a user at the reddit jailbreak subreddit here are some step by step tips.

Edited a plist with iFile.


Be sure to back the original file up before you start messing with it. I just named it Settings-old.plist, copied it, then renamed the copy back to Settings.plist.

Using the property list editor, you want to look for ‘label’ strings amongst the many dictionaries in the ‘items’ array. You can also delete entire dictionaries and their corresponding labels will be removed from Settings.

Oh, and to change the title at the top of the Settings app, just edit the ‘title’ string at the root of the plist.

Pretty basic tip by using the iFile cydia app to add even more customization to your newly jailbroken iOS 7 device. Hope this helps some of you!

Fancy – The Cydia App that was meant for the iPhone 5c

Jailbreaking tweaks are at their finest right now. With the new technology and the demand for certain tweaks that change the color and appearance of the device screen has been asked for since this new iOS 7 jailbreak has been released. Well the new cydia app “Fancy” takes a shot at solving this problem.


The tweak has not been released yet, but when it is we will be the first to drop you the link so you can snag this amazing cydia app and begin customizing!

Drop us a comment and let us know what you think!